Work Outside of the U.S.A

Recently, Specialized Surfaces Inc had an opportunity to install a job in the Caribbean. This job had to be done within limited amount of time. The job was bid based on information that was given to us over the phone and through emails. Walter Williams, owner of Specialized Surfaces Inc, flew to the jobsite on February 2nd, 2005 with our superintendent and flew back on February 4rd, 2005 to get guys ready to fly out on February 7th, 2005 to install the job. Based on these dates you can see that we were under a tight schedule. As usual Specialized Surfaces Inc was highly prepared to give this customer the highest performance possible, as quick as possible. We had a 9 days schedule to install the first 10,000 Square feet of work. There are pictures on this website that will provide you with references of our work and if requested names and numbers are available for contact on the quality of our work.