Specialized Surfaces Inc. is the company you call for the difficult jobs, materials, scheduling, and competent, knowledgeable, experienced employees. Stone installs requiring Shop drawing, shop tickets, and field measures are our best opportunities. We have fabricators here in the USA and Foreign shops. We have access to a wide range of materials and can work on VE alternates for specified materials. One should always remember that these projects require long lead-times so that schedule does not become a problem. So often we get calls from Contractors who want to know if it is possible to get materials from over seas quicker than 8-10 weeks, and the answer is always "Yes" Airplanes and lots of money. This is the neglect of your stone contractor for not keeping all involved aware of the "process" and time of material procurement. Sometimes Stone and Hard tile may not seem important when trying to get the major subs set-up, Electrical, Plumbing, and Drywall. But try to get a CO when you have no toilets on the wall. Again we have always operated Specialized Surfaces Inc. that this is our responsibility to stay on our customers to make these decisions early enough that we are ready when your schedules calls for install. Specialized Surfaces Inc. has terrific field procedures for and little or NO punch list install. This of course is hard to believe until we complete 2 or 3 jobs with you. We are not typically inexpensive in uncomplicated, simple or small jobs, ie.. Chain Restaurants, Schools, Grocery stores, and small one or two restroom jobs. All though some our customers want us to do all of their job installs we are typically not price competitive on really small jobs.