About Us

Specialized Surfaces Inc was founded in 1996 by Mr. Walter Williams. Prior to opening Specialized Surfaces Inc, Mr. Williams had only worked for 2 other companies, both of which were tile installers. Mr. Williams worked 20 years at his first job and 2 years at the other before he decided to go into business for himself. Our goal here at Specialized Surfaces Inc is to provide our customers with an outstanding job that keeps them coming back to us. Our mission is more than just installing tile, we know that your home or business is your sanctuary, and we exist to ensure that it is the most beautiful place that it can be. From our sales staff to our customer service department, and our installers in the field we are focused on helping you transform your home or business in dramatic ways that will have an impact on how you feel about your newly installed project and Specialized Surfaces Inc. At any time that you, as a customer is not satisfied or think that you are receiving 110% workmanship out of Specialized Surfaces Inc, you can pick up the phone and call Mr. Williams and he will handle any problem that you may be concerned about and assure you whatever Specialized Surfaces Inc has done wrong will be corrected immediately. Mr. Williams has been in tile business all his life and LOVES what he does.

Walter is absolutely driven by the idea that tile can transform your life. Some might say that sounds a bit excessive, but then again, imagine how you'll feel when you soak in your new marble bathroom for the first time or the memories you'll create as you teach your son or daughter to cook in your new gourmet kitchen with old-world tumbled travertine walls or when you have a big meeting at your office and the guests cannot stop talking about how beautiful your office is because of the tile work.

Specialized Surfaces Inc. will always provide to our customers unsurpassed service, an unequaled level of honesty and reliability by:

Providing a safe, well organized work place for our employees

Always paying on time and having good relations with our vendors

Understanding exactly what our customers expect of us

Help our customers by offering alternates and solutions